Head of Department and Professor
Associate Dean of Faculty of Science and Engineering

Prof. LO  Wai Lun 
BEng, PhD (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

President Emeritus and Distinguished Professor
Prof. CHANG Chung Nan 
PhD (Stanford University)

Associate Professor
Dr. YU Wai Kuen
BSc (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); MSc (Stanford University); PhD (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Assistant Professor
Dr. Fong Chi Kit Ken
BSc, PhD (City University of Hong Kong)

Programme Director
Senior Lecturer

Mr. KAY Chung Hok 
BSc MEng (University of Liverpool ); MSc (University of Sunderland)

Lecturer (Part-time)
Mr. CHAN Ying Kwong
BSc Computer Science (Michigan Technological University, US); MSc Computer Science (University of California, US)
Dr. SHEN Tak Wai
E.Eng, Ph.D (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)