Aim and Objective

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science (JUPAS Code: JSSC03)
Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions / Sectors (SSSDP) 2018/19

Programme Aims
This programme provides students with advanced theoretical and practical computer science knowledge and skills, enabling them to develop sophisticated computer systems for the IT environment of the commercial and industrial sectors. Our students should also possess a strong sense of social commitment, global vision and independent self-learning ability. Our students are equipped with the ability to develop their personal and professional prospects, keeping in pace with the rapid progress of the technology in computer science. The programme also prepares the students to pursue further postgraduate education and research.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes
Students graduating with a Bachelor (Honours) Degree in Computer Science will possess the abilities to:
1. Apply knowledge of mathematics and science to scientific and computing problems
2. Communicate effectively in writing and conversation for professional presentation and technical document, and work effectively and responsibly as a team member to accomplish a common goal
3. Analyse and criticize independently different alternatives in problem solving and application development, and evaluate for proper solution
4. Solve computing problem and realize solutions in programming and associated database technology that conform to given specifications
5. Design, implemented and evaluate the IT systems with hardware, software, networking and internet technologies that conform a given specifications
6. Employ the on-going advancement in Information Technologies, and recognize the need of life-long learning and continuous professional development
7. Recognize, relate and reflect the professional and ethical responsibility in developing IT systems, the contemporary issues and the impact of IT solutions in global and societal context