(SEP 2017) RGC Project (2017-18) Dr. Hong FU, Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science, has successfully got Research Funding from the Research Grant Committee (2017-18) for the following project
Automatic stimulus and synchronous pupil-iris-head tracking for intelligent assessment of strabismus: principle, algorithm and system.
Dr. Hong FU (PI), Associate Professor, CS dept, CHCHE

Prof. Wai Lun LO (Co-I), Head of CS dept., CHCHE

Research Grant Committee, Hong Kong, Faculty Development Scheme

36 months, HK$655,600, UGC/FDS13/E01/17

Project summary
In this project, we are planning to have an extensive study of automatic stimulus and synchronous pupil-iris-head tracking for intelligent evaluation of strabismus, wherein both the stimulus generation and response evaluation are fully automated and synchronized. With the proposed system, the subject just needs to sit and watch the object shown in the screen, and then the check goes automatically and a report is generated automatically which contains the presence, type, angle, motility of strabismus and accurate head posture with detailed eye movement and head movement data. To achieve this, four essential issues will be addressed in this project: (i) automatic stimulus generation; (ii) synchronous pupil-iris-head tracking system algorithms; (iii) pupil and iris localization in measurement of strabismus deviation; and (iv) intelligent assessment of strabismus.

Success of the proposed work will bring about significant change in clinical strabismus assessment with a fully automated, objective and easy to operate system. Such system will benefit subjects who cannot communicate verbally or with intellectual disability. It will also enhance public healthcare service in both strabismus screening and accurate assessment. In addition, the proposed pupil-iris-head eye tracking system and algorithms will be an important contribution to the biometric technology and its application in healthcare.