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資訊日2018 – VR應用示範24-11-2018 Information Day 2018 – VR Demo

Poster of the Information Day

VR class for the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science students (Demonstration of VR Applications) 30 -11-2018

Seminar to students – Introduction of Artificial Neural Networks, by HKPolyU, Research assistant, Mr. LU Chongkai.
15 Apr 2019

Department of Computer Science and Sustainable Systems and Innovative Technologies Research Centre has co-organized a Research Seminar on 15 April 2019.   Topic of the seminar is Introduction of Artificial Neural Networks, it was given by research assistant, Mr. LU Chongkai.
Mr. LU is currently a Research Assistant in Department of Computer Science. In this seminar, he will talk about: 1) A brief introduction of machine learning and ANN; 2) The frame of artificial neural network and how it works; 3) How to apply ANNs on practical tasks.
It is supposed to help you to have a basic understanding of artificial neural networks and to get start in using it.

Seminar on 10 April 2019 – Anti-deception防騙講座 ( 2019年4月10日)

Department of Computer Science and Student Affairs Office has co-organized an anti-deception seminar to student on 10 April 2019. The seminar was given by representatives of Hong Kong Police Force Tuen Mun Police District Police Community Relations Office.

Seminar of “Intellectual Property in Hong Kong” on 26 April 2019
香港的知識產權講座 ( 2019年4月26日)

Department of Computer Science has organized a seminar to student on 26 April 2019. The topic of the seminar was “Intellectual Property in Hong Kong”. The seminar was given by guest speaker, Ms. Janice Yip, Solicitor from Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong. In the seminar, the speaker has given a general concept for the intellectual property in Hong Kong. The speaker has discussed the topics of definition of intellectual property, importance of Intellectual Property at workplace, Patent, Trade Mark, Design and Copyright.Visit the IoT center of GS1 Hong Kong Company Ltd on 26 October 2018 參觀香港貨品編碼協會
Dr. YU Wai Kuen , Dr. Kenneth Lau together with some Computer Science and Business students went for Company Visit to “The IoT center of GS1 Hong Kong Company Ltd.” in Wanchai on 26 October 2018.
Open day of Virtual Reality Teaching Laboratory on 10 April 2019
The College is funded by Education Bureau in a Quality Enhancement Support Scheme project (01/QESS/2017) under the Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund to design and implement new Virtual Reality teaching tools and system for improving teaching quality.
Department of Computer Science has organized VR Lab Open Day on 10 April 2019 for students to visit the laboratory and gain VR educational experience.
Virtual Reality Teaching Laboratory Open Day for CHCHE students 10-4-2019