Learning and Campus Life

2016-17 Department of Computer Science Student Activities (2016-2017)
In order to allow students to have better all-round education and develop their social and interpersonal skills, various students’ activities have been organized in 2016-2017. These activities included seminars to students on the topic of “E-Commerce Opportunities in Qianhai for Hong Kong Innovative Youth”, “Anti-corruption in IT sector”, “GTI Company Ltd. Career Talk”, “Development of e-Commerce in Hong Kong – Alibaba.com”, “Intellectual property in Hong Kong”, “Deep Learning and Recursive Neural Networks-IDS Workshop”, “Computer Crime in Hong Kong” and “IIDS Workshop Series in Data Science and Machine Learning Applications”.

Seminar to CS Students – “E-Commerce Opportunities in Qianhai for Hong Kong Innovative Youth” 22 Feb 2017
Dr. W.K.Yu, Ms. Yvonne Wong, Deputy General Manger, Qianhai International Liaison Services Limited., Prof. W.L.LO, Mr. C.H.Kay

Seminar to CS Students –ICAC TALK “Ethics in Practice – Seminar on Corruption Prevention” 15 Mar 2017
Dr. W.L.LO (CS-HoD) and Mr. Jerome Fan (ICAC Officer)

Seminar to Students – Development of e-Commerce in Hong Kong – Alibaba.com” 5 Apr 2017

Ms. Grace W.S.Wong, Strategic Partnership Manager, Alibaba.com Hong Kong Limited

Seminar to CS Students – Intellectual Property in Hong Kong (12 Apr 2017)
Ms. Winne Mak Senior Solicitor from Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong.

Seminar to CS Students – Computer Crime and its Prevention (29 Apr 2017)
Dr. W.L.LO (CS HoD) Ms. Tang Wai Ming (Technology Crime Division, The Hong Kong Police Force)

Mr. Ng Hoi fung, Cyrus (HKFYG)
Ms. CHOI Sau-kuen (Police Community Relations Officer), Mr. HO Carlin (Sergeant), Mr. CHUNG Wai-lun Alan (Sergeant), CHAU tat-hang, Barry (SGT, School Liaison Officier Secondary School), Mr. AU Wai-king, Joan (School Liaison Officer (secondary) from Police Community Relation Office, School Liaison Officer, Tsuen Wan Police District, The Hong Kong Police Force.