Dr. Richard Tai Chiu Hsung Appointed as Honorary Judge for First Hong Kong Cybersecurity Skills Competition

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Richard Tai Chiu Hsung from our department has been appointed as an honorary judge for the First Hong Kong Cybersecurity Skills Competition, organized by HKCT (Hong Kong College of Technology) and HKCS (Hong Kong Computer Society).

The primary objective of this competition was to recognize and incentivize cybersecurity talents while establishing local standards and industry benchmarks for cybersecurity practitioners in Hong Kong. It aimed to provide individuals interested in cybersecurity with opportunities for professional qualifications and pre-employment training that align with job requirements.

The competition assessed participants’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills, with theoretical knowledge accounting for 30% and practical skills for 70% of the assessment. By emphasizing both aspects, the competition ensured a comprehensive evaluation of participants’ cybersecurity competence.

We would like to express our gratitude to HKCT and HKCS for this valuable opportunity. As an honorary judge, Dr. Hsung played a crucial role in evaluating participants’ skills and contributing to the development of the cybersecurity industry in Hong Kong.

We remain committed to enhancing cybersecurity competence and supporting the industry’s growth. Through initiatives like the First Hong Kong Cybersecurity Skills Competition, we strive to foster a skilled and resilient cybersecurity workforce in Hong Kong.


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