Learning and Campus Life

(Jan 2020) CS Final Year Project Seminar
Date:               Jan-2020

Speaker :         Mr. C.H.Kay (Senior Lecturer, CS dept.)
Content:          Project Topics, Project Proposal
Project schedule, Project meeting
Mid-term Presentation and Progress Report
Final Project Report, Design Specifications, User Manual
Final Presentation and Demonstration
Project Assessment, Students’ Appeal

(Mar 2021) Integrated Work Study Induction Talk
On 2 Mar 2021, the CS department has organized an online internship talk for the CS students. In this talk, the CS Internship Programme Coordinator, Mr. C.H.Kay (Senior Lecturer, CS dept.) has explained to the students about the selection process for internship positions, the interview arrangement, the CS internship advisors meetings, assessment of the internship programme and the arrangement of elective courses for the students taking internship.

(Mar 2021) Integrated Work Study (IWS) Pre-pacement Traing and Zoom Mock Interview
In order to help students to prepare themselves for job interviews, the CS dept. and the Student Affairs Office have jointly organized IWS pre-pracement Traing talk to students on 2-3-2021. The talk is given by Mr. Antony Ip (SAO) and Mr. Cristopher Au Yeung. In this talk, Mr. Ip and Mr. Au Yeung have conducted mock interview to students and explained to students about the job ethics, job interview skills, CV preparation for job hunting and career development planning.