Learning and Campus Life

Development of Virtual Reality Teaching Tools for Science and Engineering Education (QESS Project Sharing session) 25 May 2018 (W511)
Prof. W.L.LO, HoD, CS Dept, CHCHE

Seminar to Students- Intellectual Property in Hong Kong (General Education Seminar)
25 Apr 2018 (Lecture Hall 2)

Ms. Janice Yip
Solicitor, Intellectual Property Department (HKSAR)

Seminar to Students– Liaison about Cyber Security
29 Apr 2018 (Lecture Hall 2)

Mr. Clarence Lee (Police Constable), Mr. Ray Lee (Police Constable)
HK Police Force

Seminar to Students-Anti-corruption in IT Sector of Hong Kong 19 Apr 2018 (605)

Ms. Rita IP, Senior Community Relations Officer (ICAC)

Seminar to Students-Me, Myself and AI: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in our daily life. 28
Feb 2018 (Lecture Hall 2)

Mr. Sergii Molchanov
Founder of Asia & Partners Medical(www.asiparmed.com)
Business Development Consultancy for Medical Devices

Research Seminar Deep Learning Tutorial:  A Demonstration of Building A Deep Learning Network Using TensorFlow 2 Nov 2017 (M06)

Mr. Yalong Jiang, Research Assistant, Dept. of Electronic and Information Engineering The HKPolyU