Free Artificial Intelligence-based Dental Checkup

On April 25, 2024, the University of Hong Kong outreach team came to the college to provide free artificial intelligence dental checkup. In the glass room, participants can try out 3D tooth scanning and tooth decay detection. They can also try our new smartphone-based gum disease detector. The activity support AI system development of the collaborative research projects between Dr. Richard Tai-Chiu Hsung (Computer Science, HKCHC) and Dr. Walter Lam (Faculty of Dentistry, HKU).

Intraoral 3D scanning:

Smart phone based Gum inflammation detection:


The participants have the opportunity to try cutting-edge artificial intelligence diagnosis with receive a 3D scanning and a GumAI marked photo of front teeth. Participants can enhance their oral hygiene through oral care souvenirs.

CS faculty members and Dr. Walter Lam


Data collected from this dental checkup will be used to improve artificial intelligence systems in the following collaborative research projects:
Faculty Development Scheme of the RGC: UGC/FDS13/E01/22
Title: “Automatic multiple level gum disease detection based on deep neural network: algorithm and system”
General Research Fund of RGC: RGC 17126021
Title: “Artificial Intelligence-Design of Maxillary Single-tooth Dental Prostheses“

More about the project




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