(Date: Sep 2020) Under the support of the Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund (QESS scheme) of the EDB, Prof. Wai Lun LO, Head of CS dept has set up the Virtual Reality Teaching and Learning Laboratory in 2018 and the VR Laboratory has been in full operation in 2020. As a continuation of the QESS project in 2020, Prof. Wai Lun LO, has research collaboration with Dr. Eugene Yin Cheung Wong (Associate Professor, SCM Dept., Hang Seng University of Hong Kong) in 2020 and Dr. Wong and Prof. LO have successfully got project grant from the Education Bureau for the (2020-21) for the following project. The major objective of this project is to develop a Real-time Cooperative VR multi-CAVE systems for collaborative and team learning. The overall funding amount is $8,955,000 ($2,739,167 will be run by CHCHE). As a Co-principal Investigator, Prof. LO will be the project leader and Mr. C.H.Kay (Senior Lecturer, CS dept.) will be the project coordinator at CHCHE. It is expected that the project will start in Dec 2020.
Development of real-time cooperative VR multi-CAVE systems for collaborative and team learning
Dr. Eugene Y.C.Wong (PI), Associate Professor, SCM dept., HSUHK
Prof. Wai Lun LO (Co-PI), Head of CS dept., Associate Dean FSE, CHCHE
Mr. Dennis K. H. Wong (Co-PI), College Senior Lecturer, HKSPACE
Mr. Ken C.H.Kay (Co-I), Senior Lecturer, CS dept., CHCHE
Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) under Self-financing Post-Secondary Education Fund, Education Bureau HKSAR
36 months, HK$8,955,000 (Total) ($2,739,167 is run by CHCHE), T02/QESS/2020