(Mar-May 2019) Student/ Guests Visit to the Virtual Reality Teaching Laboratory (W202a)
Mar 2019
Visit by Peter Drucker Academy 6-3-2019
Visited by Kyoto Seika University, Japan 15-3-2019
Visited by Han Academy 15-3-2019
Campus Visit: YAN OI TONG. Tin Ka Ping Secondary School 20-3-2019
Campus Visit: Yan Chai Hospital No.2 Secondary School 26-3-2019

Apr 2019
Campus Visit: Law Ting Pong Secondary School 9-4-2019
VR Workshop “Create your First IMSE CAVE Application 9-4-2019
Virtual Reality Teaching Laboratory Open Day for CHCHE students 10-4-2019

May 2019
Visit by CHCHE Council Members 16-5-2019
Visit by Peter Drucker Academy 6-3-2019