(Nov 2018) Virtual Reality Teaching Laboratory – The Head of Department Prof. W.L.LO has received a total funding of HK$ 1,778,000 from the Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund, Quality Enhancement Support Scheme QESS funded for the QESS Project “Development of Virtual Reality Teaching Tools for Science and Engineering Education (01/QESS/2017 PI: Prof. LO Wai Lun, Co-I: Dr. FU Hong” in 2017. The major aim of this project is to design and implement new Virtual Reality teaching tools system for improving the teaching quality.

Prof. LO Wai Lun is pleased to announce that the installation work of the Virtual Reality Teaching Laboratory was completed. The VR Laboratory will be operated mid of November 2018. The Project Coordinator Mr. Kay Chung Hok also said that the CS department will organize some VR teaching workshops and activates in mid-December 2018 in order to support VR teaching in Faculty of Science and Engineering.