Department of Computer Science organized in collaboration with the Student Affairs Office – the Career Workshop for Computer Science Students. 

16 Apr 2023 

We recently organized a career workshop aimed at equipping our Computer Science students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their future careers. The workshop focused on providing practical insights and guidance on interview skills, CV writing, group discussions, and group exercises.

We were privileged to have Ms. Shelby, a former intern from our college, as the keynote speaker for the workshop. Ms. Shelby shared her valuable insights and experiences on interview skills and CV writing, drawing from her personal journey and successes. Her presence and relatable perspective resonated with the students, helping them understand the importance of effective communication and presentation in job applications.

The workshop also featured our Department Head, Prof. Lo, and Senior Lecturer, Mr. Ken Kay, who provided valuable information about the current job market needs and internship opportunities in the IT industry. Prof. Lo shared industry trends and emphasized the importance of acquiring in-demand skills to enhance employability. Mr. Kay, drawing from his experience coordinating internships, shared success stories and offered guidance on how students can make the most of internship opportunities.

To provide flexibility and diverse learning experiences, we offered students the choice between internships or taking two courses at the college. This allowed them to gain practical industry exposure while also delving deeper into academic coursework. The internship option aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, preparing students for the challenges of the professional IT landscape.

The career workshop witnessed active engagement and participation from our Computer Science students. The interactive nature of the workshop, including group discussions and exercises, provided students with opportunities to apply the knowledge gained and enhance their collaboration and problem-solving skills. The workshop fostered a supportive environment that encouraged students to share their ideas and learn from one another.

The collaboration between the Department of Computer Science and the Student Affairs Office resulted in a successful career workshop for our Computer Science students. The workshop provided our students with essential career skills and knowledge while also highlighting the various internship opportunities available to them. We are committed to organizing more events like this to empower our students and equip them for fulfilling and successful careers in the field of computer science.

Stay tuned for future updates and announcements regarding upcoming workshops and opportunities for our Computer Science students.