(Oct 2017) Inno Tech Talk 2017: Analyze the Development Coordination Disorder (DCD) problems of children Principal Investigator Dr. Hong FU, Co-Investigator: Prof. W.L.LO
Development coordination disorder (DCD), also referred to developmental dyspraxia, is a motor disorder in children, affecting around 5%-6% of school-aged children. DCD affects the children’s daily functioning, leads to difficulty in learning, organizing and moderating motor skills, and can have significant long term effects on academic, psychosocial and vocational outcomes. DCD is a disorder of visual motor integration, so the study on vision motion coordination is essential to understand the mechanism of DCD, which gives systematic and objective assessment, for timely and proper intervention. Current standardized assessment systems focus on the final performance of children on some visual motor tasks, while ignoring the detailed visual motor coordination in performing these tasks. Little work has been done on the study of the eye-motion coordination with digital technologies. Therefore, there is a need to develop a proper digital system to measure the eye movement and body motion simultaneously, to study the mechanism of eye-motion coordination, and to perform effective and objective assessment based on digitalized information.
In this proposal, we are planning to develop a digitalized system to record both the eye movement and body motion information, to conduct an in-depth study with a joint eye-motion analysis, and then to give an intelligent assessment of DCD. The speaker will share his research idea and preliminary outcomes with the audience.
Official Seminar Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQmTMr_NJ7k