The Signing Agreement Ceremony of Academic Exchange programme with The Guizhou University of Finance and Economy (24/3/2018 – 29/3/2018)

Dr. W.K.YU joined a Hong Kong delegation including our President, Prof Chang, our Vice President, Prof. Yu and one other colleagues from our College to visit Guizhou University of Economics and Finance among other scientific sites in the province during March 24 -29. An MOU was signed to promote academic interchange between the two institutions.

On 27/3/2018, Dr.W.K.YU visited The Five Hundred Meters Radial Spherical Telescope (FAST) site at Peng Tang in Guizhou. We learned about its applications in the study of the Galaxies and Black Holes in the Universe. It is the largest radial telescope in the world to be employed in the history of Astronomy.

On 28/3/2018, Dr.W.K.YU visited The Big Data Centre at Guiyang in Guizhou. We learned about the use of Big Data in various industries and the trends of development. Also the seven experiments conducted and overall thoughts of the Chinese Government are outlined.