Research project introduced in  i-Cable TV Program

The CS Department academic staff Dr. Hong FU (Associate Professor), Mr. C.H.Kay (Senior Lecturer) and Prof. W.L.LO (Head of CS Dept) were interviewed by the i-Cable TV Programme “至fit男女 15 OCT 2017 跨越動作協調障礙 (I-CABLE 新聞‧財經資訊節目)”. During the interview, the CS academic staff have shared their research in the problem of “Developmental Coordination Disorder”  which is supported by the RGC grant (Digitalized Assessment Developmental Coordination Disorder with Integrated Eye-Motion Tracking Technology: System and Algorithms UGC/FDS13/E02/16).

Pof. W.L.LO (Head of Computer Science Department)
Dr. Hong FU (Associate Professor)
Mr. C.H.Kay (Senior Lecturer)

Link for the program demo


Behind the scene