(Sep 2022) Under the support of the QESS Project funding from EDB (Project: Development of Virtual Reality Teaching Tools for Science and Engineering Education, Prof. Wai Lun LO (PI) 01/QESS/2017 $1,778,000), Prof. Wai Lun LO has established the Virtual Reality Teaching Laboratory in Nov 2018. The project team has developed the VR systems to assist the teaching in Construction Site Safety concepts, Interior Design and VR software development.  As a continuation of the QESS project in 2017, Prof. Wai Lun LO has research collaboration with Dr. Eugene Yin Cheung WONG (Associate Professor, dept. of Supply Chain and Information Management, HSUHK) since 2020. Dr. Eugene WONG and Prof. LO have successfully got QESS Project funding for the following project. Development of Real-time Cooperative VR multi-CAVE systems for collaborative and team learning, Dr. Eugene Y.C.WONG (PI, HSUHK), Prof. Wai Lun LO (Co-PI, CHCHE), Mr. Dennis K. H. Wong (Co-PI, HKSPACE), T02/QESS/2020, $8,955,000 ($2,739,167 is allocated to CHCHE), Dec 2020-Nov 2023.

Under the supervision of Prof. LO (Project leader at CHCHE) and Mr. C.H.Kay (Senior Lecturer, CS dept., Project Coordinator at CHCHE), the project team has developed the Virtual Reality Systems for the Tiger Balm Garden in 2022. In the new VR System, the students could experience a virtual tour in the Tiger Balm Garden. Furthermore, the VR centre of the HSUHK and CS dept. of CHCHE have organized a “Culture and technology Talk–Reconstructing Lost Heritage Tiger Balm Garden” on 22 Sep 2022. As one of the co-organizer of this talk, Prof. LO and the project team are invited to attend and coordinate the workshop activities at HSUHK on 22 Sep 2022. In the discussion session of the talk, Prof. LO has shared his project experiences with the students and guests. In order to allow the users to have a better understanding in the history, culture and stories of Tiger Balm Garden, the Project team will continue to develop three VR Games for the Tiger Balm Garden VR system in 2022-23