(May 2022) 27-05-2022 Zoom promotion – secondary school (15 students). The programme director of the BSc (Hons) in Computer Science Programme, Mr. C.H.Kay, Senior Lecturer (CS dept.) has conducted a zoom promotion talk for the secondary school students on 27 May 2022. In this talk, Mr. Kay has introduced the CS programme structure, career prospect, student achievement and facilities of CS dept.

(Apr 2022) 27-04-2022 ICO limited Recruitment talk – In order to provide guidance and assistance to CS year 3-4 students for their future career planning, the CS dept. has invited the Human Resources and IT Managers to conduct an online recruitment talk to our students. In this talk, the ICO staff have explained the business nature of the company, job opportunities in ICO, the working environment of ICO, career development and prospects of IT staff and technical training provided by the company. ICO is also one of the internship position providers of our department.

(Mar 2022)
CS Internship Talk and SAO Internship Induction Talk

On Mar 2022, the CS department has organized an online internship talk for the CS students. In this talk, the CS Internship Programme Coordinator, Mr. C.H.Kay (Senior Lecturer, CS dept.) has explained to the students about the selection process for internship positions, the interview arrangement, the CS internship advisors meetings, assessment of the internship programme and the arrangement of elective courses for the students taking internship. Furthermore, in order to provide more guidance to CS students before the internship programme, the CS department has invited the SAO director/ consoler Mr. Sam to give an Internship Induction talk to students. In this talk, Mr. ?? has explained to students about the job ethics, job interview skills, CV preparation for job hunting and career development planning.