(Mar 2022) 31-03-2022 HKUSPACE Zoom promotion – High dip in CS (40 students) The programme director of the BSc (Hons) in Computer Science Programme, Mr. C.H.Kay, Senior Lecturer (CS dept.) has conducted a zoom programme recruitment talk to the HKUSPACE HD students on 31 Mar 2022. In this talk, Mr. Kay has introduced the CS programme structure, graduation requirements and credits exemption for advanced standing students, career prospect and programme articulation, scholarship and College grant for AD/HD students and facilities of CS dept.
(Nov 2021) 05-11-2021 CS program Talk (JUPUS – SSSDP) Zoom arranged by Hong Kong counselling Teacher Association – On 5 Nov 2022, the Programme Director of the BSc (Hons) in CS programme has attended the SSSDP programme Talk (JUPUS – SSSDP) organized by Hong Kong counselling Teacher Association. In this talk, Mr. Kay has given a brief introduction of the CS programme and answered the enquiries asked by secondary school students.