(Oct 2021) PROGRESS in 2020 QESS PROJECT
QESS 2020 PROJECT REVIEW – VR systems for the Tiger Balm Garden, Project Progress & Outcomes.

The QESS Project team has completed the following VR sites in Oct 2021.
The Tiger Balm Garden and the Haw Par Mansion
Users could travel and fly over around the site to enter the Tiger Balm Garden and Haw Par Mansion.
Three routes and 5 check points are available in the systems. The users can have a VR tour in:
(1) Main Gate of Haw Par Mansion, users can travel around the VR garden to see the history and details information of the garden. 
(2) After entering the Haw Par Mansion, users could enter the main hall. Users can use game controller to change the interior design of window flames and arrangement of the Furnitures.